Facade Ordinances

Ordinance Administration

The Department of Building and Zoning Services administers the facade ordinance for the City of Columbus. The department is located at 757 Carolyn Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43224; telephone: 614.645.6090.

The facade ordinance is provided in the Building Code of the City of Columbus. The provisions that relate to exterior walls and appurtenant structures are listed under Chapter 4109 Unsafe Buildings and Conditions.

Buildings Requiring Inspection

Buildings twenty years old or older with a facade located within ten (10) feet of a public right-of-way or open pedestrian walkway or plaza require critical inspection every five (5) years. The ordinance does not apply to one-, two- or three-family residential dwellings or their accessory structures. In addition, critical observations for buildings meeting the above requirements which are three stories tall or taller and are within a designated downtown area, are required to be conducted by or under the direct supervision of an architect or registered professional engineer who specializes in structural engineering.


The information provided in is general in nature and should not be relied upon as fact. Persons requiring specific information on facade ordinances should contact local authorities or e-mail


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